Top 10 Reasons Why Aadhar Card Has Become Unavoidable

By | February 8, 2018

The unique number that gets generated and then issued to the citizens of India is termed as Aadhar Card Number. This card stores every detail like thumb and finger print impression, eye details, residential address and your photo identity in a government database, through which the Government is able to work better for the welfare and service of the public.

Why Aadhaar Card Is Needed?

Why Aadhaar Card Is Needed

There are several benefits served by Aadhar card, and in today’s date, it has become extremely unavoidable. Some of the reasons why having an Aadhar card is necessary are:

1) Passport Acquisition:

To acquire a passport, a person has to undergo tiring procedure right from taking appointment from respective authorities, application processing time, dispatching to tedious police verification’s. These processes generally takes about 2-3 months to get your passport ready, but, if you have a Aadhar card, all these daunting procedures can be skipped and the passport will be in your hands within just 10 days.

This procedure is simpler, just apply online for passport requisition and attach your Aadhar card as your identity proof, and in just 3 days you will receive an appointment call and within 7 days the passport will be in your hand. Quick, isn’t it?

2) Opening of Bank Accounts:

Earlier, to open a bank account you had to undergo multiple processes. But now, your Aadhar card can be used for verification processes, identification as well as for KYC updates. Aadhar card is considered as a valid identification and address proof by the banks, and your new bank account can be opened in no time.

3) Pay out of Provident Fund:

People can link their Aadhar Card to their Pension Fund Accounts and can avail the benefit of getting their provident fund transferred directly to their individual account via their PF organisation.

4) Avail LPG Subsidy:

LPG Subsidy

To avail the LPG subsidy, your local distributor links your Aadhar Card to your LPG connection, and the subsidy can get directly transferred to your bank account via the 12 digit identification number.

5) Jeevan Praman for Pensioners or Digital Life Certificate:

This move was taken by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, with the sole aim to offer comfort to the pensioner to make their presence physically to receive their pensions. Now, the pensioner’s details can be accessed digitally via their Unique Identification Number in their Aadhar card, and can receive the pension at home.

6) Stock Market:

Aadhar card is accepted as a valid address proof by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), and everyone having this card can invest in stock market without any problems.

7) Digital Locker:

A recent launch of digital locker is made by the Government of India, where in the Government’s server; you can store all your personal documents, and to sign up you just need to link your 12 digit unique identification Aadhar card with the digital locker.

8) Jan Dhan Yojna:

Initiated by our Prime Minister, this Yojna was made to help the people residing in rural and remote areas for the opening of bank accounts and availing their services with utmost ease. Adhar Card makes the procedure easy.

9) Monthly pension:

The Aadhar Card number of all the pensioners including retired Government officials has to be registered in the concerned department, and avail the benefit of receiving payment of pension timely.

10) Issuing New Sim Card:

A new notice that is yet to be passed by the Government of India, states that you cannot buy a new sim card for your phone, if you don’t have a Aadhar Card.

After going through all the reasons and benefits of having an Aadhar Card, you must have come to know that owning one for yourself cannot be avoided, as it makes your life easier and you may even avail several schemes and benefits that the government has to offer. 🙂

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