PAN or Aadhaar Card to be Made Mandatory for Booking Flight Tickets

By | December 16, 2017

Within the next three to four months you may need to provide a unique identification like your PAN or Aadhar cards for booking flight tickets. Read on to know more.

You May Need Your PAN or Aadhar Card to Book a Flight Ticket

You may need your PAN or Aadhar card to book a flight ticket

India has been taking many steps towards digitalisation in the past five years and with the introduction of digital unique identifications like PAN or Aadhar card the process has been accelerated.

On Thursday, Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha said that a technical committee has been constituted by the government and in 30 days the committee will prepare papers on this proposal.

How will this work?

There are many ways to secure a unique identification like passport etc. but the best identification remains to be the Aadhar Card. The workings of booking a flight ticket with PAN or Aadhar are quite simple.

  • When booking a flight ticket the passenger will provide his/ her unique ID (PAN or Aadhar card) along with PNR, thus providing all the necessary information about the passenger and serving as a digital boarding pass.
  • Passengers who provide Aadhar cards will have to provide biometric identification through an iris or finger scan at the airport. Whereas passengers providing any other form of identification will be provided with a QR code on their mobile phones that can then be scanned at the airport. Passengers who would like to collect their boarding passes and skip the digital system can do so; however they will have to give up on the notion of hassle free travel.

Advantages of this system

There are many advantages of booking a flight ticket by providing your PAN or Aadhar card and a few of them are as follows

  • Hassle free travel: The hassle of standing in a queue and getting a boarding pass can be avoided as the PAN or Aadhar card will act as a digital boarding pass by providing all your information.
  • Quick procedure: The headache of going through the entire airport and wasting 20-30 minutes can be avoided as this system allows you zip through in 10-15 minutes.
  • Security: This system will allow the airline and the airport to weed out any suspicious or no-fly passengers thus ensuring complete security and safety

Once the white papers are presented by the technical committee, a period of 30 days will be allotted for the stakeholders to present their comments. After this the government will finalise all the rules within 30-60 days. Minister Sinha said that the government will prepare a new set of rules or Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) that will state that for booking a flight ticket, a digital unique identification will be mandatory.

Aadhaar card to be made mandatory for air ticket booking

A data- sharing protocol between travel portals like airport security, airlines etc. will also be suggested by the technical committee for a safer and hassle free travel. However this digital system will not be compulsory for the airports to execute.


If this digital system of travelling is put into place then the travel experience will be enhanced but passengers who do not possess a digital unique identification might find themselves in a pickle. 🙂

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