Common Issues Related to Aadhaar Card and How to Solve them

By | December 9, 2017

Since Aadhaar card has become an important document which can work as an identity proof or your address proof anywhere in the country. Linking aadhaar card with a bank account, pension account, passport and other to avail government services has become mandatory.

UIDAI has done its best to provide optimal facilities so that no individual has to face any kind of trouble. Still, some individuals have to face some complaints regarding enrolment process, status checking or acknowledgment slip.

These are some common problems that users have to come across, don’t worry we are here to solve your problems only. Check out these issues and solutions to it.

UIDAI has rejected the application and not issued the Aadhaar card

Very often it happens that UIDAI rejects the application of few residents. But what is the reason behind this? It would be told to you directly by the registrar.

Some of the possible reasons for the rejection of the aadhaar can be: Information given by you is not correct, there is a lack of documents etc.

Solution to such issues is not difficult, the government will tell you each and every step how to solve it. You just need to follow the instructions carefully and reapply for the aadhaar card.

Lost or misplaced your Aadhaar card and also didn’t remember the aadhaar card number

One, you have lost or misplaced your aadhaar card and you also did not remember your aadhaar number. This situation becomes a real mess because applying for a new aadhaar card becomes difficult at this time.

Not to worry, this problem also has a solution, contact your enrolment centre or UIDAI via post, phone or e-mail. You can easily send a request for a new aadhaar card. However, you may be charged some money to make use of this facility.

There is one more way to get the aadhaar number, if you have ever used your aadhaar card as proof to get any type of service then you can contact that same agency for getting the number.

Aadhaar card is not delivered yet

If you do not receive your Aadhaar card within 90 days that means the delivery of the card has been failed. In such circumstances, you should contact the UIDAI Contact Centre and give them your enrolment number or you can visit the official website of UIDAI i.e. and check the status of your aadhaar card online.

Demographic error and spelling mistakes can also be a problem

At the time of enrolment, make sure you provide correct information. Before submission for the authentication, try to cross check each and every detail carefully. There might be a possibility that there is some spelling mistake or any other typos.

You will be given a chance to verify the details again (don’t get overconfident that there won’t be any mistake). Just go through the application form once. Acknowledgment slip will be issued on the basis of your information only.

But still, if you find some error in the process, visit your enrolment centre for the demographic corrections. This will take around 2 days for processing and the enrolment slip will also be submitted to your residence by the centre.

Once you have applied for the Aadhaar card, an acknowledgment slip will be provided to you with all the contact details mentioned on it.

If you ever face any problem regarding anything, you can simply contact the representatives from UIDAI or you can contact through a toll-free number 1800-300-1947 or get help via e-mail: [email protected].


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