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Why Aadhar Card Is Must for TB Patients to Avail Government Help?

“Is Tuberculosis, (called as TB) common in India? The answer is “Obviously, Yes”. Recent study revealed that about 40% of the population is infected with TB bacteria”. Aadhaar Is Mandatory for TB Patients Seeking Government Cash Benefits The next question is, “Is TB Curable?” The answer is the same, “Yes”. But the treatment session is too long and… Read More »

Aadhaar A Must For Bank Accounts: Transactions of Rs 50,000 and Above: Government

Demonetization has brought in loads of changes in the financial system of the country. From change in notes to new rules and regulations to the banking system, Mr. Narendra Modi has introduced too many changes in the banking sector. Some liked it, few more disliked it – but none had a choice expect to accept the transformations. Govt… Read More »

Is Your Aadhar Card Needs Correction? Now Public Can Update Aadhar Card at Post Office In Tamilnadu

There is a typo in your name, address or anything else in your Aadhar card? Don’t worry, now you can update at post office in Tamilnadu. In this article, I am going to explain how to update your Aadhar card? Tamil Nadu Residents Can Update Aadhaar Details In Post Offices Recently there have been many issues rising regarding… Read More »