Aadhar Card Not Received Yet? Follow These Steps!

By | January 15, 2018

Not yet received your Aadhar card? Thinking what to do next? Read this guide!

You have applied for an Aadhar card and while checking for the status of your Aadhar card, it shows it has been dispatched, but you have not received it still now? You may have to apply for Aadhar card again.

What to Do If Aadhaar Card Is Not Received

Aadhaar Card Is Not Received

Before reapplying for the Aadhar card, you need to check out the status of your Aadhar card on the official website UIDAI. As an applicant, you can enroll for a new Aadhar card under three criteria, they are:

  • If the status of your Aadhar card show as “Rejected”.
  • If the status is “Not Found”.
  • And it shows “Cannot be Processed Due to Technical Issues”.

In order to find a solution to this problem, you can get help from the Government of India via helpline or by contacting them via their website portal.  You can also contact them using the below details:

  • Fax number – 080 2353 1947
  • Call Center – 1800 180 1947
  • Postal Address – Post Office Box 1947, GPO – Bangalore – 560001.
  • Email[email protected]

Usually, it takes more than 90 days to receive the Aadhar card after the receipt of your documents. So wait for 90 days to get the Aadhar card delivered? After that, you can follow any of the steps given below to get the Aadhar number.

Get Your Aadhar Card Online

How to Get Your Aadhar Card Online

If the status of your Aadhar card shows “Active” and if it doesn’t delivered to you till the date, you can download it from online. To check your Aadhar card status, you need to find out the enrolment number and date/time of Aadhar registration (which can be found on the acknowledgement slip provided to you.)

If the status is “Aadhar Card has been generated”, you can get the UID and Aadhar copy in the following ways:

Visit the UIDAI website. Here you will be able to get the e-Aadhar in a PDF format. This electronic version of Aadhar card is valid just like the hardcopy Aadhar card. You can take a print out of this and use as an identity and address proof.

Steps to Download E-Aadhar

  • Visit the UIDAI website and find the Aadhar Services link.
  • Click on the option “Get E-Aadhar” link on the Kiosk page. You will be directed to the e-Aadhar page. To download the e-Aadhar, you need to enter your enrollment number which will be found on the acknowledgment slip.
  • The Aadhar acknowledgement slip contains an Enrolment ID and the date/time of enrollment. On the top left of the acknowledgement slip, you will find a 28 digit number in which first 14 digits are Enrolment ID, the next 14 digits are the date and time.
  • Enter your personal details including your name, address, PIN code, locality, and all other demographic details
  • Enter the security code and then the registered mobile number.
  • OTP will be generated and sent to your registered mobile. Fill up all the required details and click on “Download” option.
  • Your e-Aadhar will be downloaded to your computer in a PDF format.

Get Your Aadhar On Mobile

  • Visit the official portal and choose the ‘Get Aadhar’ option which can be found under ‘Get Aadhar on Mobile’ section.
  • Enter your 28 digits enrollment details (Enrollment ID, Date and Time of Enrollment) as provided in the acknowledgement slip.
  • Click on “Get OTP”, and enter the received OTP in the required field.
  • You will receive your Aadhar card details via SMS.

The above mentioned are the few ways which helps you to retrieve your Aadhar card number if it’s stolen or lost.

Having an Aadhar card is not the MUST but having an Aadhar card NUMBER is mandatory. So follow any of the above given methods to retrieve your Aadhar card number.

Are you in urgent need of your Aadhaar card for LPG subsidy or to open a bank account?What are you waiting for? Just follow the above steps! 🙂

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