Aadhar Card Is Mandatory for UP Government School Teachers

By | January 18, 2018

The Uttar Pradesh Government has been regulating a lot of processes in the field of Education ever since Yogi Adityanath came into power. The dynamic chief minister of the state along with his cabinet has been enforcing the utilization of the Aadhar card in every area of Government associated operations.

Aadhaar Compulsory for Government School Teachers In UP

Aadhaar Is Compulsory for Government School Teachers In UP

The recent to this is the linking of Aadhar card to the bank accounts of UP’s Government school teachers. Let’s deal the importance of this move in detail.

Current status leading to this enforcement

A sneak peek into the condition of the Government schools, and why the enforcement of mandatory Aadhar card for every individual working as a teacher with these Government schools. Here’s what the current drawbacks are:

  • Lack of transparency with institutions to the Government about the details of whom have been posted in specific schools.
  • Lack of identity of the teaching staff in such teaching institutions.
  • Mode of proxy working in Government schools where one teacher works on behalf of another.

The roadmap to implementation of the linking of Aadhar card

So what is the UP Government proposing to do? June 2017 has dawned with this big milestone move by the UP Government and the Ministry of Basic Education has chartered the clear steps to linking the Aadhar Card to the working / teaching staff in UP. Here are the steps:

  • All bank accounts of the teachers of Government school in the Uttar Pradesh state have to mandatorily link their Aadhar card to it.
  • The bank accounts into which their salary is to be credited will serve as a means of identifying the teacher who works for the Government.
  • The act of linking Aadhar card to the bank account needs to be completed before July end positively.
  • This move of linking one’s Aadhar card will normalize the crowd of close to 4.95 lakh teachers working in about 1.68 lakh schools in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
  • The activity will also be extended to the students studying in Government and Government aided schools. This communication has been shared by the State’s Education Authority.
  • The move of linking the student’s Aadhar card will effectively target close to 1.78 crore students. Statistically only 30% of these students have currently been granted Aadhar card and the gap with the other students procurement needs to be addressed.

Aadhar Card Mandatory for UP Government School Teachers

Facilitation for this implementation

The UP Government has assured the setting up of camps that will assist in getting the Aadhar card for those people who currently do not have one. This will especially be setup in schools and in remote places where students need better accessibility.

Authorized and listed agencies of Government will charge a very nominal fee of Rs. 50 for the enrollment process of the Aadhar card. The move needs to be expedited as the teachers will be unable to draw their salaries if the enrollment and linking of Aadhar card does not complete by end of July.

Overall, the move will assist the UP government to keep a close watch on the number of students, teachers and the transparent execution of Government schools in the state. 🙂

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