Aadhaar Card Correction (Name, Address, Mobile Number, DOB)

By | January 29, 2018

Many of us want to correct our Name, Address, Mobile number or Date of birth as on our Aadhaar Card but don’t know the convenient way to do the same. In this post I have come up with the best solution to this problem that most of you are facing.

How to Change Name, Address In Aadhar Card (Aadhar Card Update)

Aadhar card correction online

Making Aadhar Card correction of our bio-data gets easier with the online process as you don’t need to run in the offices again and again wasting your time and energy. You can now easily correct your Aadhaar Card name, address, mobile number, date of birth by going through few steps that I will be providing in this post below. So, read this post ahead to know more about the correction of the bio data of Aadhaar Card.

Aadhaar Card Correction Online: Name, Address, Phone, DOB!

You might want to change your name, address, and mobile number, date of birth replacing it with the new and updated one due to many reasons. So, there is a favorable and easy way to deal with this issue which will help you change any of the bio-data of your Aadhaar Card. Though many of you are not aware with this earlier and I hope once you come to know the procedures to do the same, you will no longer be deprived away with this issue.

Here are the solutions mentioned below to deal with this issue of changing name, address, mobile number, date of birth on your Aadhaar Card. Please read these steps carefully one after another for clear understanding.

For changing your name or any Aadhaar Card correction you need Identity Proof documents which should be updated one. Once you change your name officially, you will be provided with a new Identity Proof Documents which you have to upload on your PC to replace your old registered name with the new one. So, having Identity Proof documents is must for changing name in Aadhaar Card.

Changing Address is not much different from that of changing name in the Aadhaar Card. However, sometimes due to urbanization, people prefer to leave their homeland and shift in towns and cities for availing better facilities. So, in this case changing the address in Aadhaar card becomes important and for doing so you will need to upload your original registered Address of your homeland.

Most of the time changing date of birth becomes important as most people wants to lesser their age by few years for making equivalent to avail jobs or getting admission in new academics. So, for changing your date of birth in Aadhaar Card you need to have the original date of birth certificate and upload it on the internet.

Steps to Change Name, Address, Mobile Number, Date of Birth through Online

For going for the process of updating and correcting your name, address, mobile number, date of birth, you first need to go to this link https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/update

Before going with the procedures of online Aadhaar correction, you need to first have registered mobile number and then proceed. You have to follow the procedures as I mentioned step by step in the following for the correction and update of the info of your Aadhaar Card.

  • First of all when you visit the page you will be asked your Aadhaar number which consist 12 digits.
  • In the following column you will find the verification notification.
  • You can now easily click on “SEND OTP” button.
  • Now, 6 digit OTP will be delivered on your mobile and you can fill the password and go on.
  • You have to choose the address change field and choose the language you prefer.
  • Finally you have to upload the document of which you want to make necessary changes.

Aadhaar Card Correction Form

Thus, I hope that now you are made aware of how make Aadhaar card correction by changing your mobile number, address, name and date of birth in online mode, after reading this post.


So, hopefully whenever you face such circumstances of making necessary changes in your Aadhaar info then you can apply the procedures as I mentioned in this post. In case you face problem in making changes through online then you can also visit your nearest office where you can get your necessary solutions as well.  🙂

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109 thoughts on “Aadhaar Card Correction (Name, Address, Mobile Number, DOB)

  1. vikas sahu

    sir i have lost my aadhar card and i dont have any proof not adhar no. and no mobile no.
    plz suggest me what i do

  2. S Dwarakanath

    The portal allows to only change address. How do we change the name if it is incorrectly spelt in the Aadhaar card please? Any guidance will help. If the only way is to go to government service centre nearby please let us know.

  3. niranjan singh

    please help me for change my mobile no on aadhar card ,please send me process and video

  4. Sushil Dwivedi



    I HAVE TO CHANGE MY NO 7034712456 TO 8157924805
    MY ADHAAR CARD NO : 250136308366

  6. DIPEN

    I am trying to correct my name by requesting an update process, but there is no options(fields) for updating my name. Kindly update “aadhar update portal” so that any Indian citizen who required to change their name which was by mistake stored in governments record.

  7. maneesh

    sir m maneesh mera enrolment no.21892965700073 h mera aadhar card 3bar ban gya h pls emr.massage send kro by req.


    I’m trying to write my initial but I couldn’t. Because there is no option of name, dob. so please enter my initial.
    AADHAR CARD NUMBER – 232216104092

  9. Shashikant Yadav

    Adhar website is not showing field to correct name online, please answer.

  10. Pradip Kumar Shukla

    I want to correct my name in aadhar card through post. Can I correct my name through post?
    If yes then please send me the correction form in my email. I will be grateful to you.
    Thank you

  11. Gireesh thakre

    I’m trying to correct my name but I couldn’t. Because there is no option of name, dob only address option is there.
    Please check and let me know

  12. rupa1

    I’m trying to correct my name but I couldn’t. Because there is no option of name, dob only address option is there.
    Please check and let me know
    [email protected]

  13. Dipesh

    i am not getting where to correct the name in the aadhaar. Please let me know.

  14. Satya

    I’m trying to correct my name but I couldn’t. Because there is no option of name, dob only address option is there.
    Please check and let me know
    [email protected]

  15. Srini

    Hi Team,

    I raised a request with the Bank to update my wife’s UID with her Bank account.
    This request was rejected as her name appears different in Bank account and Aadhar card.

    I tried to use the Aadhar online link to update her name as it appears in Bank account. After log in to Aadhar SSUP portal using OTP, Data request update tab shows option to update the Address only. There was no option available to update Name.

    Can you please help?


  16. Shakeel Ahmad Dar

    Respected sir,
    If the government has said the Aadhar card is mandatory for all citizen. Why in jammu and kashmir has given the date of next year i.e February 2018. How can we update the aadhar card. The RBI has said the aadhar card should be linked to bank account up to 31st December 2017.

    1. sasidharan

      These fools,introduce many laws which are troubling people and we name the system democracy.While enrolling for aadhar,all details;like date of birth,mobile number and e-mail address were submitted,but these fools who gave contract to some illiterate firms were entering year of birth and mobile and e mail were excluded and now we are to suffer.Why this set up UID can’t give tools to give the required details online?How can these rogues make us suffer,then. The present rulers,who vehemently criticized Aaadhar are now enfocing it even for defecating in public latrines.

  17. Henrietta Anita D'Souza

    There was a mismatch in the name in the aadhaar card i have filled the form and have a URN request N0o0000. received on 5/9/17 which said that the request has been successfully approved and sent for further processing. Nothing has been received from then i would like to know the status of the aadhaar card.

  18. Ashok chaudhary

    I have got problem to having some spelling mistake in Aadhar Card can we change it kindly advice please if it is applicable kindly provide the process, please.

  19. Raj Kumar singh

    I want to change my mobile number.. so please request, my name is Raj Kumar singh, my aadhar no., my mobile number is below, so please correct my mobile number.

  20. Lalthanglien Thangjom

    I do not add my mobile no. while I registered and took my Aadhaar card. Can I now add my mobile no. in my Aadhaar card no.
    Name: Lalthanglien Thangjom,
    Father’s name: Kamkhomang Thangjom,
    Address: Khuppau Road, Chiengkonpang, Churachandpur, Manipur – 795158
    The mobile no.I want to add is.

    1. bharat passi(9540557773)

      aadhar enrolement centre jao waha jaakar update karvao apna contact no…this is the right way to add ur mobile no..

  21. bhagwat swati

    Sir my adhar card name is change my adhar card no. plz. Send this link

  22. krishnat balavant kamble


  23. B D Rai

    My Aadhaar Card has no full date of birth i.e. only year of birth. What should I do to get full D.O.b. on my aadhaar card.

  24. harshit srivastava

    September 26.09.2001
    PLEASE UPDATE OR CORRECT MY MOBILE NUMBER., MY MOBILE NUMBER IS mera name harshit shelendr ko change karna he harshit srivastava karna he .PLEASE CORRECT THIS .


    SIR My I get my family Aadhar Car but date of birth is only the birth year I like long Date of Birth Date at All
    Family Members Also.


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