The Full List of Documents Required for Aadhaar Card Registration

Aadhaar card, which has become one of the most important documents required for the identity or any other government scheme. To enroll for a new aadhar card or you want to update it, you need to submit some documents which help you in the registration. Documentation is divided into four different categories: identity, address, date of birth and… Read More »

How to Link Aadhaar Card with IRCTC

Since the country is heading towards digitalization, from purchasing a T-shirt to booking hotel in another part of the country everything can be done digitally. Booking tickets for train or flight have also become an online process. IRCTC allows you to book six tickets in a month without aadhaar, but for more no of tickets, you need to… Read More »

How to Link Aadhaar to Pension Accounts

Linking your aadhar card with the documents like bank accounts, passports, mobile numbers and many other has become mandatory. And also it comes with some benefits attached to it. Thus, it becomes necessary to link your pension accounts also. How to do the same, is the most frequent question asked. So here are the steps given on how… Read More »

Aadhaar Is India’s Unique Innovation for a Digital Economy

Over the past decade India has become a hub for startups as well as a number of large multinational co-operations. India is buzzing with new ideas, innovation and technology thus making it the world’s third largest startup hub. After the demonetization decision on November 8, 2016 India has taken its first major steps in becoming completely digitized. But… Read More »