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Aadhaar Card Is Mandatory for Book Train Tickets Online

Aadhaar card is becoming almost mandatory for all the Indian citizens. Despite the Supreme Court’s earlier decision that stated that the Aadhaar card should not be made mandatory for basic and essential services, the government seems to be implementing a great deal of services where Aadhaar card holders will have better service. Aadhaar Card Will Be Must for… Read More »

Aadhaar Based Payments Will the Game Changer In Digital Banking

The Aadhar card has become one of the biggest changes to be adopted in making India a modern and developed nation. But what is the reason for such a change? Where has this idea emerged from? How will it help the citizens of the country? What benefit will it have? The Back Story: After the Kargil War in… Read More »

Students Must Have Aadhar Card to Get Central Government Scholarships

Aadhar Card have become essential for every people and it serves with a lot of benefits like applying for passport, driving licence, to get subsidy in LPG, to buy a new sim card, or if your child is lost, his residence can be found with the detailed information in his/her Aadhar Card. Aadhar Card Now Mandatory For Central… Read More »