How to Add/Update Mobile Number In Aadhar Card

By | June 6, 2017

India seems to developing rapidly but barriers arise when it comes to the matter of security and privacy in all aspects. Likewise it can be seen that few years back in our country people and the Government were not concerned about the exact population of our country. And these kinds of drawbacks push backed India to reach its level in the field of Development.

Add / Change / Update Mobile Number In Aadhar Card

Update Your Mobile Number in Aadhar Card

Apparently Government of India has launched Aadhar Card to abolish these demographic related problem that we faced earlier. The main motive of Aadhar card is to collect the population details of the residents, Bio-metrics and store them in a database that runs under the Centralized organization “UIDAI”.

People have already started getting their Aadhar Card and they also can add mobile number in Aadhar Card to so that they can make their needful things done in an efficient way. But you have to know the procedure to add it.

How to Add or Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card – Steps you should know

Generally there are two basic ways available by which you can add your Mobile Number in your give Aadhar Card. Before you add your mobile number just have a look to the steps below:

Add Mobile Number in Aadhar Card through Offline Method

While enrolling your Name and Details in the Aadhar Card you will be given an Enrollment Application Form which contains banks fields and you have to put the details like:

  • Residents Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Mobile Number

The first thing that you have to do is to complete the Enrollment Form by writing the details of your Name, Address, etc. In this particular form you can easily see that there is blank field provided to put your MOBILE NUMBER. Just write the Mobile Number you want to add for your further use and then see the things you have wrote in the form is correct or not. As you finished your checking provide your signature and submit it to the Aadhar Enrollment Center you have visited. And the further procedure will be guided by the Agency you visited.

Add Mobile Number in Aadhar Card through Online Method

As you already having a Aadhar Card you can see that your Mobile Number is already there which you have given while enrolling your details for the first time. But sometimes you need to correct and update your Mobile number through online. So, the steps by which you can add your mobile number through online are listed below.

  1. Firstly you have to go to the official website of UIDAI in this link:
  2. And then click on to the option in the website showing Update Aadhar Details Online.
  3. And then you can see a page gets open named as Aadhar Self Service Related update Portal and in this page below you can see Update/Correction request online Click Here
  4. Just click to this option and you can see a blank space will be there and you have to enter your Aadhar number and after entering just click to the Send OTP option.
  5. And a verification code will be sent in your Mobile Number which was previously given by you.
  6. Just put the OTP number in the field to access your update process further.
  7. And then select the option update Mobile Number and re-enter the number you want to add again.
  8. As you enter your Mobile Number and click on to it a URN number will be sent in your mobile. And after 7 days it will get updated and you can download it from the official website of UIDAI.

Update Mobile Number In Aadhar Card

Now as you have got the complete idea how to add mobile number in Aadhar Card you problem will be solved. In the above article I have mentioned you two different ways for adding your mobile number. Just go through the whole article and add your mobile number easily in your Aadhar Card. 🙂

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